Have you ever missed church because you were traveling or just unable to make it?  When was the last time you tried your hardest to make it to Bible Study or other classes during the week and simply couldn’t get there? Do you want to invite friends and family who are not local to experience WCC?  Well, at World Conquerors Church, we are excited to offer WCC members, partners and friends the opportunity to stay connected through the latest technology!

WCC uses social media as a tool to build the church (the people), impact the community, and reach the world.  You can participate in our services both near and far through:

  1. WCC App. Go to About and Frequently Asked Questions on our website to get directions on how to download to your smart device
  2. Live Stream of Sunday Celebration Sermons
  3. Videos of Sunday Celebration Sermons and Bible Study on YouTube
  4. Live Stream of 1st Thursday of the month Bible Study
  5. Printed Publication of WCC VOICE
  6. Podcasts (which are coming soon)


In addition to the above, anyone who attends Sunday Celebration Service can enjoy Pastors’ messages throughout the week by purchasing CD’s of the sermons, immediately following the service, and using our website to download weekly sermon notes that can be used as a great tool during your quiet time with the Lord.