The World Conquerors Church infrastructure is built on five pillars where collective work is accomplished to ensure that WCC’s mission to build the people, impact the community and reach the world is accomplished.  These five pillars are:

  • Membership:  Where you connect!
  • Maturity:  Where you grow!
  • Ministry:  Where you serve!
  • Missions:  Where you share!
  • Magnification:  Where you worship!


A basic description of each pillar is presented below with a more specific description of how to get connected and work in the area where you are gifted.

Get Connected through… Membership
Do you have a church home?  If not, we invite you to join WCC!  We are a church where you discover who you were born to be with a Pastor and First Lady who are committed to all members of the congregation!  You can join WCC as a new Christian, join through your previous Christian experience and even join as a temporary member if you are temporarily in the Bay Area and want a church home while you are here.  Please know that you are welcome, welcome, welcome!!

Contact Sister Windy Shotlow at if you would like to serve in the Membership Department or would like more information.

Membership Support
Ensures that all aspects of receiving new members into WCC occur, including developing and distributing new member packets, maintaining the WCC member database, regularly communicating with members and hosting new member socials.

Call Center/Congregational Care
Keeps in contact with WCC members that are facing trials in life that prevent them from attending and/or staying involved with church activities.  The purpose is to encourage members to stay connected with Christ even during tough times and to let them know that their church family is available as a support.

Ways to Get Connected through… Maturity
Would you like a deeper understanding of the Word of God?  Want to get to know your fellow members and learn how to better apply Biblical lessons to your life?  If you answered, “Yes,” to either of these questions, then you must attend Bible Study, Growth Group, Discovering Membership class and Kingdom Building classes.  As Christians, we must constantly work to mature our walk with Christ.

Contact Sister Anindya Kar at or Brother Michael McGee at if you would like to serve in the Maturity Department or have any questions about participating in the meetings or classes below.  For the upcoming schedule of meetings or classes, please visit our Calendar of Events.

Weekly Growth Groups
Growth groups offer a small, intimate setting for learning more about the Word of God and its application to your life. The common theme that unites all groups is discussing the Sermon that was preached in service the prior Sunday.  For the upcoming schedule, please visit our Calendar of Events.

Kingdom Building Classes
Kingdom Building classes are held Sundays from 9:00-10:00 a.m. and are taught by WCC’s dynamic teaching staff, including teaching moments by our own Pastor Daren and Lady Monnique Barron. This is a time of instruction, discussion, fun and fellowship where everyone is encouraged to not only learn practical Biblical principles, but to also embody them on a more consistent basis.

Women of Wisdom (WoW)
Women of WCC and friends meet monthly to study and discuss the Word of God, led by our First Lady Monnique Barron.  A time to fellowship, be encouraged, and seek understanding regarding how the Bible applies to your life, these gatherings are an opportunity to be yourself and share what’s on your heart.

Men of Integrity
Men of WCC meet twice each month to study the Word of God and spend time dealing with matters relevant to being a Christian man at home, at work and at play.  This is a place where men have the opportunity to be real and connect and support one another.

Unmarried women (beginning in their 20s and up) gather weekly in a relaxed setting where they are encouraged to realize the fullness of who they are.  Each week the women strive to embody the acronym for RUBIES, to be Righteously United, Building up Individuals, & Empowering Souls, as they fellowship, equip, and encourage one another through understanding of God’s love and the Word of God.

NextGen at WCC is a place where the “next generation,” young adults ages 19 – 35, come together to fellowship, talk about real life issues, study the Word of God, do joint service projects and conduct outreach to increase the number and involvement of NextGen members and friends at WCC.

Ways to Get Connected through… Ministry
Would you like to use your time, talent and treasure to help build the Kingdom of God?  If so, find out how this currently small church makes a big impact in the community.  There are MANY opportunities to get involved!  Contact Minister Kelley Gulley at if you would like to serve in the Ministry Department or would like more information.

Sunday Worship Ministries
Several ministry activities ensure that Sunday worship services flow according to the vision that God has given Pastor Daren Barron.  The purpose of each ministry is to ensure that everything is done in excellence and in order for congregants to praise and thank the Lord and hear His Word.  These ministries include:

      • Prayer Warriors…conducting prayer service from 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. before Sunday service and leading Thursday Prayer Services from 6:00-7:00 p.m. before Bible Study.
      • Greeters Team…greeting visitors and members with a smile and a warm welcome as they come from the parking lot to the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.
      • Usher Ambassadors (Jr. and Sr.)…meeting the needs of the visitors and members of the congregation and ensuring order during worship services.
      • Setup/Breakdown…serving to set up and put away property and equipment for WCC worship services every Sunday.
      • Audio/Visual Support…serving to ensure that audiovisual needs are met for quality picture and sound during the service.


Children’s Church
Children receive instruction through art, music and games so that they can build an understanding of the Lord at their level.  According to a monthly schedule, the following age groups meet during the Sunday Sermon:  Little Conquerors (2-5) and Mighty Conquerors (6-12).

WCC Power Girls
For 4th and 5th grade girls, the Mission and Purpose of the WCC Power Girls Ministry is to encourage the girls’ growth and development by providing resources and exposure to opportunities that will equip them with the necessary tools to become young leaders; to create a life-long desire of service to the local and global community; and to inspire them to pursue and excel in academic and artistic sciences.

WCC On Track
For 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls and boys, the Mission and Purpose of the WCC On Track Ministry is to encourage the middle-schoolers’ growth and development by providing resources and exposure to opportunities that will equip them with the necessary tools to become young leaders; to create a life-long desire of service to the local and global community; and to inspire them to pursue and excel in academic and artistic sciences.

Teen Ministries
Teen activities are implemented at WCC to help teens build leadership, teamwork, discipline, and strong values as young Christians.  Community youth are welcome to participate in activities such as summer basketball, growth group sessions, and Creative Connections (a ministry where teens have the opportunity to express their gifts through the arts).

Ways to Get Connected through… Missions
If you have a heart to serve the community and to help meet the needs of those who are less fortunate, you will enjoy working with the Missions Department.  Our purpose is to impact our community by being a resource to educate, empower, equip, and encourage individuals and families so that they ultimately discover who they were born to be in Christ Jesus.  The WCC Missions Ministry focuses on three core areas – Education, Health & Human Services, and Outreach.  If you have a heart to serve the community, join us in Missions!

Contact Sister Apryl Rhinehart at if you would like to serve in the Missions Department or would like more information. 


      • Adopt-a-School  - A partnership with an under-performing Oakland Public School to increase students’ academic performance and love of learning.
      • Backpack Drive – An annual campaign to provide impoverished school-aged children with school supplies and backpacks.
      • College Care  - Provides care packages throughout the academic year to WCC’s college students in support of their academic growth.


Health and Human Services:

      • The Kitchen Cabinet – A community food pantry established to provide nutritional meals to families and individuals who are facing a hardship. This program supports Merritt College students as well as the general Bay Area community.
      • Families Helping Families – Assists struggling families during the Christmas holiday by providing them with toys, clothing, toiletries, and other items on their ‘Christmas List’.
      • Ensembles – A community clothing pantry to provide general clothing and professional attire to individuals who are re-entering the workforce, experiencing job or income loss, or are simply in need of attire such as a warm coat.
      • The 411– A concierge resource available to WCC members and visitors that provides research information regarding options and/or discounted professional services such as health & personal care, legal consultation, financial services, auto insurance and repair, children’s summer camps, private school options, college fairs, vacation destinations, etc.


      • Local Outreach - WCC members come together in teams to go into the community to prepare and distribute bagged lunches and warm coats to the homeless, provide a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner to a local battered women and children’s shelter, extend an in-person invitation to join us during our weekly services, and most importantly, give a Word of hope of God’s unfailing and extensive love.
      • Global Outreach – WCC is beginning an initiative in collaboration with charity: water, a nonprofit organization that utilizes 100% of public donations to fund clean water projects in developing countries around the world.  Through an annual community walk-a-thon, WCC will assist in bringing safe drinking water to our brothers and sisters across the continents.


Ways to Get Connected through… Magnification
Do you love to praise and worship the Lord through music, dance, photography, videography or other visual arts? If you too have a love for magnifying the Lord though art there are plenty of opportunities to participate through our Magnification Department. Contact Minister Douglas Barron or Sister Renee Barron at if you would like to serve in the Magnification Department.

Praise & Worship Ensemble
The praise and worship ensemble sings praises to the Lord in song during worship services and at special events.

God’s Glorious Girls Praise Dance Team
Elementary, middle school and high school praise dancers bring creative worship to the service during special events and activities.

Maturity in Movement Praise Dance Team
Young Adult praise dancers ages 18-35 minister through dance during worship services, special events and activities.

Production & Marketing
Ensures that the history of the WCC experience is documented through video and recording of sermons and sharing this information with the world on the WCC website, the WCC Voice Newsletter, WCC’s Facebook page, and other forms of social media.

Professional and amateur photographers chronicle the history and essence of the WCC experience using digital photography.